Getting You Off the Ground This Summer

Getting You Off the Ground This Summer

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Amanda, Laurie and I (Laurie is our CARE liaison) are presenting a session in Atlanta called Measuring Outcomes 101. It got us thinking.

If you’re not measuring outcomes yet, but want to, we want to talk to you.

We have an idea. It’s a series of sessions for Bar Raisers without Experience. The purpose of the series is to help you get off the ground for this summer — to make sure you don’t lose another year.

We’re envisioning four sessions between now and June. Over the course of those sessions, we’ll walk you what to do to get started.

All the students in the group will be in the same position: square one. So there are no dumb questions. You can ask whatever you want! :)

The leaders will be a combination of Bar Raisers with Experience (camp people) plus CARE folks (research people). We’ll be there to guide you.

Here’s a sample meeting schedule:

  • Meeting 1: Why do I want to measure outcomes? And what obstacles do I face?
  • Meeting 2: What outcomes should I measure?
  • Meeting 3: What instrument should I use?
  • Meeting 4: Prepping for the summer

The forum will be a Google Hangout, just like the structured presentations. The focus will be on you and your interests and obstacles — this will not be not a lecture series. For example, if you don’t know the answer to the question, “What outcomes should I measure?” that’s the point of the session, to help you figure it out.

We need your feedback on this. If you’re interested in being a student, please email me at with “I’m interested” and we’ll go from there. We’re thinking a small group, maybe five students.

If you’re a Bar Raiser with Experience and want to help / mentor / coach, also please email me.

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