RTB in Atlanta

RTB in Atlanta

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Will you be in Atlanta for the national conference? If so, great! Please let me know.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.


(Updated 02-17-16)

Amanda Westall, Sherwood Forest
Andy Pritikin, Liberty Lake Day Camp
Ariella Rogge, Sanborn Western Camps
Cece Palazola, Memphis College of Art
Deb Bialeschki, ACA (ACA liaison)
Don Whipple, Mountain Camp
Erica Jameson, Jameson Ranch Camp (just for CODA, departs Tuesday)
Laura Seymour, Camp Chai of JCC Dallas
Laurie Browne, Cal State Chico (CARE liaison)
Maria Grasso, Eagle U
Matt Smith, Longacre Camp
Scott Brody, Camps Kenwood and Evergreen
Steve Baskin, Camp Champions
Tom Fraker, Tonto Creek Camp
Tommy Feldman, Camp Granite Lake

Cell Numbers

Please email me your cell number (matt@longacre.com) if we’ll be meeting up. Communication has been difficult at these conferences (slash frustrating) because email doesn’t cut it. My cell is 717-991-5221. I’ll be there Sunday-Friday.


Help us spread the word about RTB! We’re driving traffic to outcomes-related sessions. If you’d carry some flyers (below) around with you, that’d be great. Please call me or text me (717-991-5221) when you arrive.

Sessions at the national conference in Atlanta related to outcomes.

Flyer about Raise the Bar for the national conference in Atlanta.

Speed Data-ing Cafe

The first RTB-related session is Speed Data-ing Cafe. It’s Wednesday from 7:00-8:15 am, bright and early. Free coffee and bagels!

Other Outcomes-Related Sessions

There are other outcomes-related sessions in the program — they’re just not affiliated with RTB. That said, this is a big tent and if you find yourself in a conversation with someone who might appreciate our community of practice, please encourage them to visit our website or talk to Ariella or me.

Lunch on Wednesday

We’re going out to lunch on Wednesday. Join us!

Conference Flair

We have ribbons! Ariella got us all ribbons.

Raise the Bar ribbons for the national conference in Atlanta.

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who famously said, “There’s no such thing as too much conference flair.” If you want ribbons for your name badge, please remind Ariella or me when you see us.


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  1. Thank you Matt! I am looking forward to seeing everyone in less than two weeks.

  2. Deb Bialeschki

    Thanks Matt- this is all great! Can’t wait to see you all! And I want a ribbon :) Deb

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