Post-Atlanta Update

Post-Atlanta Update

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Dear Bar Raisers,

It was a great conference. Lots to cover today.

Our goal is to add 34 new camps by Mar. 31st. That’s double what we had going into the conference.

Seven have joined already (Woot Woot!). We need 27 more. I’ll get you a list of our new members as soon as I can.

We have four Hangouts scheduled in the next eight days:

  1. Planning the ‘Getting Off the Ground’ Miniseries
  2. Atlanta Recap
  3. Setting Our Priorities
  4. New Members Hangout

Please check out the blurbs and sign up asap.

Why the tight timeline? Well … pretty soon we all turn into pumpkins. (Don’t look now but March is like next week.)

Don’t have a Google account? Don’t want a Google account? It’s cool we have a solution to get you into the Hangouts. Now there’s no excuse (Larry).

What did we miss???

Your Humble Slash Really Excited Co-Leaders,

Matt and Ariella

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