RTB Priorities Moving Forward

RTB Priorities Moving Forward

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Ok we’ve set our priorities for the next 10-12 months.

We started out with a long list, with the understanding that we wouldn’t be able to do all of it.

Ultimately, we decided to break it down by season (spring, fall, winter) to make it more manageable (we’ll shut down for the summer to run our camps).


This spring we plan to pick up where we left off before the conferences. Here are the priorities:

Increase Membership

The deadline for new camps to join is Mar. 31st. Here’s who has joined so far. Please help us increase the size of our cohort to 68 camps.

Getting Off the Ground (GOTG) Miniseries

We designed the Getting Off the Ground (GOTG) Miniseries to help camps get off the ground this summer. Interested? Email Ariella at ariella@sanbornwesterncamps.com or Matt at matt@longacre.com.

Structured Presentations

We’ll continue with our structured presentations. Currently there’s no one (nobody, nadie) on the calendar so if you’re willing to present please email Ariella or Matt.

Steering Committee

We need to distribute the administrative workload a little bit. Interested in doing more for RTB? Join our new steering committee! You get a prestigious-sounding title of your choosing. Email us!


We’d like to further our collaboration with CARE (the Committee for the Advancement of Research and Evaluation). Our liaison from CARE is Dr. Laurie Browne.


Here’s what we don’t have the time for this spring and have to push to the fall:

Prepare for ACA Albuquerque

Next year’s national conference will be in Albuquerque, NM. The deadline for proposals is Sep. 15th (or thereabouts). We’re hoping to inundate the program committee with outcomes-related sessions.


We need to assemble some anecdotes of successful use (whatever that means) of measured outcomes. The hope is to turn these anecdotes into talking points, and then use them to illustrate how camps all over the country are using outcomes to their advantage.

More Conferences

We’ve only had one really successful conference and that was last month in Atlanta. It’s time to expand our presence to other conferences. Current ideas: Tri-State, WAIC and SXSWedu. Deb Bialeschki’s idea is to design a presentation that different people could deliver at different conferences (Deb is director of research at ACA).


Here’s what we probably won’t have time to do until next winter:


One idea for increasing our visibility is courting (is that the right word?) influencers within the camp community. You can define “influencers” however you’d like but here’s what we were thinking: staff members, board members, veteran camp directors, conference program committee chairs, and prominent conference speakers like Bob Ditter and Chris Thurber.

2017 Wishlist

Here’s what we probably won’t have time to do until next year:

  • Design a long-term plan to submit to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Connect with influencers in the broader character education movement, e.g. those who compiled the Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning
  • Build out the website
  • More blogging

So that’s all for now. Questions? Problems? Not feeling heard? Please reach out to Ariella or Matt and we’ll just be thrilled.

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