Our New Members

Our New Members

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This year we added 21 new camps. Our goal was to double our membership from 34 to 68, and now it looks like we’ll fall 13 short of that.


List of New Members

Please join me in welcoming this year’s new members:

  1. Camp Aranzazu (Texas), Virginia Ballard
  2. Camp DaKaNi (Oklahoma City), Penn Henthorn
  3. Camping Unlimited – Camp Krem (California), Katie Giampa
  4. Camp Susan Curtis (Maine), Terri Mulks
  5. Camp Corral (North Carolina), Hannah Hutler
  6. Camp Lonehollow (Texas), Alex Owens
  7. Leadership Academy LLC (Tennessee), Laura Johnson
  8. Fiver Children’s Foundation (New York City), Christie Ko
  9. Wildwood Outdoor Education Center (Kansas), Laura Jernigan
  10. Adventure Links at Hemlock Overlook (Virginia), Ryan Dale
  11. Youth Education at the University of Utah (Salt Lake City), Nate Friedman
  12. John Austin Cheley Foundation (Denver), Tim Lucas
  13. Tim Horton Memorial Camp (Ontario), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  14. Tim Horton Children’s Camp (Nova Scotia), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  15. Tim Horton Children’s Ranch (Alberta), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  16. Camp Des Voyageurs Tim Horton (Quebec), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  17. Tim Horton Camp Kentahten (Kentucky), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  18. Tim Horton Onondaga Farms (Ontario), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  19. Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell (Manitoba), Pat Howell-Blackmore
  20. Camp Blue Hawk (Oklahoma City), Heather Simmons
  21. Camp Tilikum (Oregon), Jillianne Bandstra

Thank you for coming aboard!


New Member Hangouts

As a new member, you are welcome to jump right into the fray. However, if you want an introduction please sign up for a New Member Hangout.

(Please click here for more information on Hangouts.)

A New Member Hangout will accomplish a few things. One, it will familiarize you with the Hangouts, which have become central to our community of practice. Second, it will give you an opportunity to meet other folks joining us this year. Finally, it will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you can think of.

We use Doodle to schedule all of our Hangouts. Please click here to sign up for a New Member Hangout.

If you cannot make the times listed, not to worry, we will schedule more as camps sign up.



Questions? Please email Ariella Rogge at ariella@sanbornwesterncamps.com or Matt Smith at matt@longacre.com.

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