Improving Our Communication With Slack

Improving Our Communication With Slack

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Olá Bar Raisers!

It’s time to improve our communication within Raise the Bar (RTB).

Two weeks ago, a few of us met to decide RTB’s priorities for the year. A lot of great ideas were thrown out and we want to do all of them. The only way they’re all going to happen, though, is if we improve our communication within the cohort.

Our solution? Slack. Free, web-based software.

I use Slack here at Longacre Leadership Camp and love it.

(I love it so much, actually, I’ve tried to convince my wife we should start a Slack for our house. So far I’ve been unsuccessful. She thinks I’m ridiculous.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Slack, it’s a messaging app for teams. And we’re a team. Kinda. A community of practice is kinda like a team. Not exactly the team Slack had in mind, I don’t think, but close enough.

As a point of reference, for those of you in Camp Pros on Facebook, it will be kind of like that but more organized, and more oriented toward relationships and RTB stuff.

If we can improve our communication, we’ll be able to draw more connections with one another, bring more members into the fold, spark more crazy ideas, and ultimately make more progress.

Our community of practice shouldn’t be so dependent on only a few people. For example, that priorities meeting I mentioned happened two weeks ago. It’s taken me two weeks to write this email. In that time you could have been meeting people on Slack, asking questions, reflecting on your summer, hearing how others used YOB, sharing results, joining book club, talking with researchers, planning for Albuquerque and Tri-State, and doing other cool stuff. Instead, all that was delayed because I’m busy with other stuff. Not good.

Plus, with Slack, when you get busy and fade out for a few months, no problem at all, just jump back in when you’re ready and see what you missed!

Here’s what we’re going to do. When you’re ready to jump in, email me and I’ll send you an invite. Accept that invite, create your account, and you can start messaging right away.

We’ll do a few orientation sessions on Google Hangout and answer all your questions — it is new software, after all, and some of us are better at adopting new software than others.

We’ll figure out how to proceed from there. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am.

Next step: email me at and request an invite. I hope to hear from you!



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