About ACA Raise the Bar

ACA Raise the Bar is a community of practice for camps measuring outcomes.

A community of practice is a group of individuals who share a common interest — in this case, camp and measured outcomes. We share information and experiences.


The mission of ACA Raise the Bar (RTB) is to use measured outcomes:

  1. To improve our camps
  2. To identify best practices
  3. To articulate the value of camp to a broader audience


For camp to play a larger role in the education of the next generation.


The American Camp Association (ACA) launched RTB in 2014 to help camps measure outcomes. Currently (Jan. 2016) there are 34 camps in the cohort.

RTB now operates outside of ACA (good news, autonomy, bad news, no funding) but we still rely heavily on the good folks at ACA for their guidance and support.

RTB is all-volunteer. We have a budget of $0. This is an inclusive effort. It is also a work in progress. We will continue to grow and evolve by responding to the needs of our members. Consider joining us!

Further Reading

An RTB update in the January/February 2015 issue of Camping Magazine.