Our New Members

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2016 This year we added 21 new camps. Our goal was to double our membership from 34 to 68, and now it looks like we’ll fall 13 short of that.   List of New Members Please join me in welcoming this year’s new members: … Continued

Post-Atlanta Update

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Dear Bar Raisers, It was a great conference. Lots to cover today. Our goal is to add 34 new camps by Mar. 31st. That’s double what we had going into the conference. Seven have joined already (Woot Woot!). We need … Continued

Joining Google Hangouts As a Guest

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Google Hangouts have become central to our community of practice. The problem is, some Bar Raisers do not have a Google account and are unable to join. If you would like to create your own Google account, it’s very easy. If not, we have come up … Continued

RTB in Atlanta

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Will you be in Atlanta for the national conference? If so, great! Please let me know. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Attendance (Updated 02-17-16) Amanda Westall, Sherwood Forest Andy Pritikin, Liberty Lake Day Camp Ariella Rogge, … Continued

Join Us For Lunch in Atlanta

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Will you be in Altanta for the national conference? Please join us for lunch on Wed., Feb. 10th at 11:30 am. The morning breakouts end at 11:15 am. 11:30 is a little early for lunch but Amanda, Laurie and I have a presentation in … Continued

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