You can join Raise the Bar as a camp, a researcher or an assessment developer.



Raise the Bar is an inclusive initiative. If you identify with our mission — whether you’re measuring outcomes or not — we invite you to join us. The larger our community, the more valuable our data become.


The mission of Raise the Bar (RTB) is to use measured outcomes (1) to improve our camps, (2) to identify best practices, and (3) to articulate the value of camp to a broader audience.


  • Getting Off the Ground Miniseries
  • Access to a vibrant community of innovators, including a support network of camps with experience measuring outcomes
  • Participation in structured presentations by members
  • Inclusion in conference gatherings
  • Some camps share data
  • Listing on the RTB website, including the page for developing partnerships with researchers and/or assessment developers


The next application deadline is March 31st, 2016.


Click this link to fill out the RTB application for camps.



A priority for RTB is connecting with researchers. All over the country there are camp directors who want to measure outcomes but are intimidated by research. We know you are interested in working with camps and we want to help you get there.

Although “membership” in RTB is restricted to camps, you are welcome to develop relationships and partnerships as you wish. If there is something you want to research, or something you want to offer our members, please fill out the RTB form for researchers.


Assessment Developers

Some RTB members have already hired private assessment developers to build instruments for them. Although “membership” is restricted to camps, you are welcome to develop relationships and partnerships. If you are interested in a private partnership, please fill out the RTB form for assessment developers.

Note: To edit your existing listing on this website, please resubmit your form with the new information.